Getting off the couch and being careful about what you put into your body can make wonderful changes for your overall health, but perhaps the greatest impact these can make in your life is how wonderful you will look. The start of the New Year is the time many of us commit to improving ourselves, particularly when it comes to our weight and body shape.

Achieving Fitness Goals

As you realize fitness objectives and you stick to a workable dietary plan, your body will likely respond in pleasing ways over weeks and months. You may come to fit into clothes of a smaller size, and various muscles may begin to appear under your glowing skin. However, virtually all of us will find that without a drastic modification in caloric intake or exertion, eventually our progress will hit a plateau. It is a good idea to work with your physician to design a weight-loss regimen that is realistic for you.

Hitting a Plateau

As you celebrate the gains (or reductions) you have achieved, those final pounds you want to jettison can become intractable. Another issue can be sagging skin hanging where there used to be more of you; this is especially likely if you have lost a relatively significant amount of weight in a short time, such as can occur after bariatric surgery (gastric bypass). If you find that the minor imperfections that remain (after all, you have completed an impressive transformation) make you feel just south of happy and confident, it may be valuable to consider a step-up through cosmetic work.

Sculpting Your Body Beautifully

A competent and responsible ABPS certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Press, will consider you an ideal candidate for body contouring surgery if you have localized fat collections or sagging skin that will not respond to diet and exercise. If you are within 10 to 15 pounds of your target, and your weight gain and loss have stabilized, plastic surgery can be an appropriate treatment. Body contouring is not reserved to addressing the sagging skin in one’s midsection. Wrinkling and excessive bagginess can occur in the following body areas:

  • around the eyes
  • face
  • upper arms
  • breasts
  • thighs
  • buttocks

Sometimes, a lower body lift or full body lift can be the best step to overall aesthetic improvement. However, although liposuction can be a component to body contouring, it is not an appropriate procedure for significant weight loss. Dr. Press can help you consider your options and map out practical expectations for your body type.

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