Arm Lift : Brachioplasty

Another way to say “the right to bare arms”

Arms are a part of a woman’s appearance that can significantly affect how comfortable she feels with her body. Though under-arm sagging occurs naturally as a course of aging or weight loss, it can make a woman avoid baring her arms in public. She may stop wearing sleeveless garments attempting to hide this extra tissue. It can even limit her wardrobe choices she makes when she finds that her upper arms can only fit into baggy clothing or larger sizes which will accommodate all the extra skin and fat.

Thanks to new precision plastic surgical techniques, this problem can be corrected and leave only discreet scarring.

The results for brachioplasty can be dramatic and many women find that it gives them a sense of freedom from worrying about their appearance or trying to hide an annoying physical feature. It isn’t too expensive. Also, Dr. Press is a highly-qualified Board Certified plastic surgeon with extensive training that minimizes the risk of possible complication and scarring.

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