A plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery has the experience and training to perform two kinds of procedures that impact one’s appearance: reconstructive and cosmetic. Reconstructive surgery repairs something abnormal: either a defect at birth or one acquired through injury, trauma or illness. Cosmetic surgery improves an otherwise normal feature into something better; unlike an unforeseen surgery to treat you for a disruption to your health, such as an appendectomy, the only reason to undergo a cosmetic procedure is to be happy.

Meet with the Doctor Exclusively

Your first step in pursuing your own happiness by modifying your appearance is to have a proper consultation with a competent plastic surgeon. It is essential that you and your doctor are on the same page from the start of your professional relationship. Dr. Press ensures this by consulting with all his patients exclusively himself; there is no middle person involved. Your first meeting with him will be a detailed discussion. Dr. Press wants to focus on you, his patient, and what is important to you. He desires to make sure you and he are comfortable with one another.

What Are Your Motivations?

During the consultation, Dr. Press will explore your motivations to ensure they are well thought-out. Significant others and spouses are welcome if you wish for them take part in your conversation. However, Dr. Press will deflect their wishes if they are not in alignment with the results you, the patient, truly seek. The procedure you are considering can make dramatic changes to how you feel about yourself in a positive way. Dr. Press can show you before-and-after photographs of his previous patients as an aid to your discussion.

Oftentimes, Dr. Press will recommend that you return to discuss your desired procedure some more. To help you fully assess your appearance goals, he will likely give you some materials to read. You may have questions during this time, and Dr. Press will promptly respond to the emails you send him. After you have had some time to explore your desire for self-improvement, he will invite you back to share ideas.

In the End, You Will Be Confident

There are other benefits from these steps. You will have the knowledge to plan appropriately for your recovery. You will have an awareness of possible complications. Sometimes, procedures that seem to be cosmetic in nature, such as those to improve drooping eyelids, are actually reconstructive and can be covered procedures by many insurance carriers; Dr. Press will help you determine the best strategy for your personal transformation. The patients under the care of Dr. Press appreciate the confidence they acquire from these steps to move forward with the right decision for themselves.

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