Types of Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery

Barry Press, MD, FACS and his staff handle many different types of cosmetic and plastic surgeries. Dr. Press specializes in cosmetic surgery, reconstructive surgery and other types of cosmetic procedures. If you are interested in learning more about specific procedures that you’ve been thinking of having done, feel free to call to schedule a consultation. Our staff is happy to go over all cosmetic surgery or reconstructive surgery options with you, so that you have a full understanding of costs, what is involved and the various options that are available to you. We’d love to help you become happy with your appearance.

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Specialties

Trends in Cosmetic Surgery

  • Mommy Makeovers 12%
  • Breast Reduction 2%
  • Abdominoplasty 7%
  • Rhinoplasty 13%
  • Facelift 8%

Eyelift & Facelift

When signs of aging begin to show, many men and women have a facelift or eyelift to rejuvenate the face. Removing the sagging around eyes, neck, forehead and cheeks can remove years from your appearance.


Mommy Makeovers

A combination of two or more plastic surgeries done at the same time or over time to help reverse the effects of pregnancy and nursing, helping mommy get back to her original beauty.



This “Tummy Tuck” cosmetic surgery can be done on its own or with the Mommy Makeover. It tightens sagging skin on the belly for a more youthful appearance.


Having the nose shaped is a very common cosmetic surgery. You might be surprised to find out many of your friends have had this work done.


Forehead Lift

Tightening up the forehead to remove those deep creases can be done on its own or as a part of a facelift or plastic surgery procedure.


Midface Lift

A Midface Lift will repair the area around the nose and mouth, and lift the cheeks. These areas drop as a person ages. The Midface Lift will rejuvenate these areas of the face.


Breast Reduction

Very large breasts can cause a lot of pain and a reduction will alleviate that. Afterwards, you will be able to find clothing that fits easily and likely be free of the back pain.


Surgery of the Hand

There are many conditions that will deform the fingers or hand. Reconstructive surgery can correct the damage caused by injury or disease.


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