Plastic surgey might not be needed to treat your wrinkles. With Sculptra®, a product that helps to replace the collagen lost over time, you can have your wrinkles slowly disappear over a period of a few months without ever going under the knife. Sculptra® is injected into areas in the face giving you a better appearance and it is still natural looking. People will think you’re somehow getting younger over time, not that you had plastic surgery.

How Sculptra® is Better Than Plastic Surgery

Sculptra® is injected by Wendy Holmes, RN, in Dr. Press’s office. It is a private and comfortable procedure. Your first injections will be barely noticeable, but after more injections the changes will begin to be subtly noticed. Patients usually average about three injection sessions, waiting a few months between treatments. The results are not permanent, but will usually last more than two years.

What It Is

The ingredients in Sculptra® Aesthetic are biocompatible and biodegradable. It is a synthetic material that has been used by doctors for many years. Sculptra® is made from this biocompatible material and replaces the lost collagen in your skin, fills in deep wrinkles, and groves from injuries. Sculptra® Aesthetic is a substance made from poly-L-lactic acid, a material that is made from corn starch, tapioca, or sugarcane.

How Sculptra® Fills In Wrinkles

When Sculptra® Aesthetic is injected, it goes to work in the deep dermis to replace the collagen that has been lost due to age or injury. This first injection provides the foundation and later injections will build upon that, filling out deep wrinkles and folds, giving a fuller look to the area. It is a collagen simulator and creates a gradual correction over time.

Sculptra® is a great product, but not a replacement for plastic surgery. At least not in the sense that procedures such as a facelift will remove excess skin and tighten the underlying soft tissues, but have very little effect on the surface features of the skin such as fine wrinkles. Likewise, agents like Sculptra® positively affect these surface features and increase volume in the face that has been lost with aging, but do not do what operative procedures do. Sculptra® is probably more accurately compared to fat grafting, which is also getting a lot of attention. The problem with grafting the patient’s own fat is that the results are not predictable; certainly not as predictable as Sculptra® or other fillers. Sculptra® is an office procedure while fat grafting is generally done in an operating room.

Ask Dr. Press or Wendy Holmes about Sculptra® on your next visit, or visit the Sculptra® website.

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